Lets start with first the matrix” for understanding of this text. There are 5 basic levels in any human existence, namely :
A) Physical level – (body)
B) Ethereal level - energies
C) Astral level – emotions
D) Mental level – Spirit
E) Aural level – aura (shield energy)

These all 5 levels are communicating together, always in touch and the energy is flowing between them through our life. If you are ill on energy level, that will affect all other levels, and reach to the physical body. Sounds simple. If you study and understand the roots of this matrix for “life lessons” and existence, you would save much more time of study in with bitter experiences.
Now I focus on the topic specially of “Evolving love”
I`ll speak about love, even in an unexpected way.

Inner voices – In order to reach to any good decision in our life, we heard many times the phrase : “Listen to your heart”. Yes, for people, who know what meaning of “heart” in this case is, this may be reasonable. But do you know the meaning of “heart”? Is that simply the inner body organ, pomp of blood, is that the center of our love and emotions? Suppose you say yes… Can you then speak to your heart? And understand what it says? If you are doubtful about that, surely you don’t know the meaning of “heart”. Actually the phrase should be more accurate : “Use your intuition, read your mind, listen to your heart.” It’s a 3 steps to make! Not just one, and if we act by only trying to “listen” to our heart , it probably wont lead us anywhere good.
Why? The truth is : the most “good, right” decisions in life are taken by :1. good lessons learned from the past. 2. good reading and understanding the matrix of mind (including emotions and spirit). That means – study –compare –research. Finally by knowing what is meaning of “heart” or unconditional love, we`ll reach to it.

Now to clarify each of the levels of the matrix. The first level is the most simple ,means its visible, touchable, sensible, easy to understand and to “connect”. As we speak about love, what could be love in this level? In physical field of reality ,love is an “Attachment” to someone or something. We need to have this someone in order to be happy, feel complete, safe and response to the vibrations of the physical life , world. This are purely egoistic reasons, and normal to be.
II. On the second level –Ethereal energies, feeling of “love” is “attraction”. What it is? A subconscious flowing of energies from the me to the subject or object of my desire. (we specially focus here on level of another human being ). I`m attracted by this person, without to reasonable know why I feel so. Yes, I could count many outer qualities, though there is a part missing to understand “why” exactly this person.
-- On the 3. level – Astral “love” is called “Passion” (Combination of desire and compassion) We`ll discover on this level how much Passion is related to the feeling of “compassion” in an unique way. We feel need not only to be “inspired” ,passionate about the object, human, but also to make him feel the same inner “passion” to us. (it means also compassion)
-- On the next level Spiritual , “love” means mindfulness, inspiration, purity. Mindfulness is the state of limitless and unconditional love, in which you see the other person as yourself and you put his being on the same space as your own. Means he becomes so much important as you alone. It`s a mirror of yourself. This is the point where love can really inspire you and create miracles in your life. –when it comes to your conscious life as a human being, love is the most pure feeling.

On the highest level –aural –love means eternity. That means love is creating and “solving” itself in the universe many times like a “fenix” bird. There is no beginning and no end of it, love is self-emerging, equal to the universe. Here is rarely for a human to access. (but some very special creatures)

Each of these levels of matrix moreover, equals to an element and a charka (an energy circle in your body). For example the physical level – (with the love as attachment) equals to element of Earth, Ethereal level equals to fire, Astral level (senses and emotions) to water, Spiritual level to “air and wind”, and aura equals to ether. Now pay attention: each of these levels can be improved by our focused, developed and consciousness efforts! There are many ways to do that.

Love is a feeling, so many people try to explain, and find a rational “explanations” and ways to it, so many scientists want to make a trap for the emotions as a visible “object” or matter. By way of just analyzing and going deeper, we could reach the truth. Its like collecting drops of water each day of life, so to have an entire lake. Never you could succeed. Its endless process and that’s way I called it “Evolving love”. The feeling of Love is always growing, and blooming like a tree or flower exactly. To look to the matrix again from this perspective.

I. Attachment – Earth – Muladhara
Now the attachment we feel and call love, is the basis and root of the all, even not first. *first is attraction. It comes naturally by often and regular interactions with the subject we love, by his presence and togetherness and willing for that. In all kind of realities (including of course virtual one, which many people could avoid and say, its not real) Attachment awakes our inner, primary desire to “belong to” someone, somewhere, to feel safe and comfort. To be loved. It is natural state of love, but if we stay only on this physical level – what happens? Then normally attachment could become a “bad” or unhealthy one, and could devolve in a harmful the human being feelings and states like: obsession, desire for physical possession of another, uncontrolled sexual desire, all abnormal phases of sexual illnesses, and nymphomania. This all abnormal and deformed states of “attachment” come naturally ,as the feeling of love cant find another ways to evolve and to “grow” more. When other levels of love and channels are blocked inside the person. When it continues it could lead to very black ideas, illusions, self-harm, harming of another who I love, abuse and mania. Many kind and almost all of the manias and depressions starts from here, this is the root of it. Then what happens? The feeling of love devolves in something opposite, could destroy itself and transform in hatred, depression and feeling lost. That’s also common condition, when we don’t have understanding of the how matrix is working. Or how the love is evolving. Wanting to embrace one moment or state we are blocked and its like a situation ,if someone tries to brake with a car a thick wall in front. He cant understand that simply the way to go is not “through the wall” but he should finally turn. He stays maybe years trying to go through the wall, which he wont succeed obviously and surely risks his life.
The healthy attachment exists! This is the good point and we should keep it, by also evolving and exploring the “love tree” more.

II. Attraction – Fire – Svadhishtana and Anahata (heart chakra)
This level – of love is also deep, subconscious levels, which we don’t understand “with mind” mostly. Everyone knows about “flutters in the stomach” , “love from first sight”, “fluids between us”. How we feel attracted by someone? We feel exactly “in love” in so easy and subconscious way, as the child could love” a toy, which desire, or an animal. We cant find or even search for a logical explanation about why we feel so. Just we do. Then we “fall” in love as if we “fall in a trap” of our attraction and emotions.
We don’t ask if its good or bad, right or wrong for us! We have our primitive, first signal reasons to be attracted. And we cant know really why we feel so! The consequences? If we stay just in this level of “beautiful illusion” , soon the feeling of “bliss” and feeling of “flutters in stomach” will be replaces by deep disappointment and delusion. Why? Simply because only with staying in the level of attraction is not “evolving” – means we cant see the real picture, but put one image of what we want to see”! Then it appears like a hologram in front of our eyes. And seems like real of course. Any dream or strong visualization also would seem real to us. Here is why people say “love is blind”. It’s the truth! Love sees projection of what we want to “see” on the face of another. So its easy to fall in illusion. Someone said – the need of love is not the love itself. Here love is like the fire – burns all, spreads, doesn’t need or care to see the reality. It cares to attract itself. This state cant stay long…it will dissolve in “sorrow, disappointment” The prince of our dreams will return to be a monster. We cant have what we expected, simply because we didn’t open our eyes.

The attraction will be amazing feeling, enjoying the strong flow, affirmation, if we succeed to combine it and take it to the next level of love –

III. Passion – Desire and compassion – Water
Here is where we come to the “pure love” and closer to unconditional love. Passion is a very basic fuel of love. And this, unlike most expressions in poetry as “fire” , its connected with the water element. We need water in order to survive, every day, our planet consists of 71% of water! That’s w huge figure, compared to earth; for human body water is (average for both men and women) around 65 %, the baby evolves inside waters” of mother, designed for him. Every living creature on earth needs water for its existence. Water, as well as love, means Life.

The “passion “love is for the first time not totally egoistic, but also compassionate, understanding feelings of others. We need not only to feel passion, but also to create the same feeling in another human. We start to take care” about another, as if he is “me”. Our ego emerges in “ego of another”. We see our happiness in his happiness. In this higher level we start to improve our inner vibration field and become “compassionate”. Means if you feel sorrow, I can feel your sorrow as mine. If you feel sadness, loneliness, and any blue emotions, I can feel the same myself. This is Oneness on the emotional level – which is so important in relationships! If you feel sad, but I don’t want to feel the same, or cant or pretend I do not “see” you, this is not Oneness, and not compassion.
If you feel happy, but I don’t ,or cant feel happiness with you, this is not Oneness ,not passion, not sharing. On this level we share “ emotions together. We cant love truly without “sharing emotions”.
For example, if we are strongly attached and crazy “in love” with someone (first 2 levels) but we don’t “share emotionally, then you are in one way, I`m in another –then our love is lost and will be gone soon.

Here is one more thing – by developing in ways I`ll explain later – the higher levels of love- we also start to improve naturally the first levels. By developing, passion and compassion, you can easily feel attracted and attached to someone. That’s how sometimes we love our best friend” or closest person to us. But this is not a rule. All kind of love should evolve and there is no other way. Now passion (desire and compassion) means watering the tree of love every day. Its sharing one feeling and not letting someone feel “alone”, lonely on his way. Also its desire to bring happiness to another more than yourself. Here love is rich and evolving and will possible grow to the next level of blooming flower (blossoming tree). To the Mindfulness.

IV. Mindfulness – Air – Anahata – Sahasrara (crown)
The air is also primal element, source of life for all humans. It equals to spirituality, open mind, consciousness. Here love is a conscious ,free choice of mind *and heart! But here I don’t mean the rational “mind” but mind evolving from levels. Here love is pure energy of inspiration. It inspires us to create. To breath into the universe and “cleanse” our energy – as it is unconditional and transparent love. Its purely spiritual in this level. But its all we need, as we have already the finished process of seed to blossoming tree. When we make a conscious choice to love, we devote ourselves , we decide to be faithful and believe in another person (not just in his love), and believe in your love. Then we are closer to the universal unconditional love with light – which is near to the love of God. But again – this state doesn’t come alone! It’s a whole process of loving, evolving, believing and acting in this way.

The highest level will take you out of the boundaries, out of the societies and rules, restrictions and human bodies. Its equal to Sahasrara – The crown chakra, and presents the divine love. This love include great principles of humanity as forgiveness, helping others, loving yourself and other like yourself. According to Jesus, one of the great teachers of principles of love. “ Love others like yourself” and “love your enemy”. Pure love is like a clear glass, we don’t see it ,but we can touch it. Here we start to love really.
All other levels are steps, lessons to the highest level – eternity. The reason for the tree to exist, having blossoms and fruits…but also the tree itself is a reason! Every tree (with root, stem, branches, leaves, blossoms) is example of evolving love, and life.
Be this tree yourself and feel the evolving love, and fruits by yourself!

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