Why are exams held? What is the main purpose behind tests and results? It is quite oblivious that projects and assignments do not gauge a person’s capabilities or worth. Then what is the need for examinations and continuous assessments. In India, examinations are carried out through a different process than other countries. Foreign countries do not instigate students to complete their education nor do they pressurise them to choose particular restricted courses unlike Indians. In India, the day a child is born, his/her future is sealed which includes his degree and profession. If it is a girl then a doctor and if it is a boy then an engineer. These are certain pre-destined things which are slowly gaining a hand in the Indian culture.
However coming back to the original discussion whether exams are an apt way to measure a person’s intellect and ability. To consider, if an exam is held on a particular day to decide whether a student is eligible for admission to the most prestigious institute, however he comes down with dengue and is unable to attend or if a student undergoes a serious trauma due to some incident prior to the exams, then in spite of being a bright person he will be tagged a loser in the society.
Ponder over these points and think about the after-effects of the results on the students. If a student performs exceedingly well, he is bound to be over joyed and is appreciated in the society, however if the same student was to perform poorly, then the plight of the same is unimaginable, the criticism by the society would all affect the said student remarkably. The trauma and depression would change a happy-go person to a despised pessimist. Then why the whole process.
Well since time unknown exams have been present to judge and evaluate a person and they will continue to do so. However there are other steps a person might take to overcome the whole trauma and anxiety of the whole process. A positive approach and outlook might help. Do not be disheartened by the results. To quote a famous person, “failure is the stepping stone to success”, always look brightly ahead, you may not have performed well at one level, however there are hundreds of other levels waiting out there to be conquered by you, because “a bend on the road is not the end of the road”.

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