In our English question paper there is a writing section. In this half yearly test there was an essay writing on the topic how to crack exams. This is what I wrote now you rate me out of 10.

Exams are just a few days away and we all must be studying really very hard, keeping away from distractions like the television, locking our self for 6 to7 hours for studying and trying to learn all the chapters line by line within a day. But how many hours are we actually reading with concentration? Yes, studying for 3 hours with concentration is better than studying for 7 hours without concentration. In fact short breaks are very necessary to improve concentration. Listening to music, taking walks, chatting with friends are encouraged to improve concentrating power as long as they remain short and not exceed half an hour.

Preparing for exams before the syllabus is complete in the school with reduce the pressure on us at the last moment and exams day will seem like a normal school day. Not to forget hard work because it is the key to success.

Teachers and parents are surely there to guide us but it is us who have to give the exam. If we follow all these then no body can stop us from coming out with flying colours.

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