Thank god you're very privileged,
You got your fishes, before you fetched.
Think about them who are empty handed,
No one to heal their wounds,
No one to put a band aid.
Still they work day and night,
To do the job right.
Then what's your excuse towards life.
You want to quit?
Without tasting a bit.
You were to fight at the border,
Now what? You want to back off from every order.
You want to live and enjoy,
What kind of living it'd be?
Without the feeling of being free,
You'll not be able to achieve anything.
Until you come out of your comfort zone,
Stop giving excuses and remember how your father shone.
Face every challenge without excuses,
Only then you'll get to know their full uses.
Don't fear it or step back,
Beat the hell out of it, just make it crack.

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