When tears roll down your face

The vision gets blur

and you lose your voice


You keep holding your grace

Fighting your tears

You wish to disappear

while you are still in the crowd

And keep holding your grace

You just cannot give away

Those tears aren't for display

You need no sympathies

from the worldly harmonies

yet you feel nothing, but the greif

that's eating you

It has blinded you to the colors

to the love, to the world, to the show evergoing


You feel retired

and you cann't play it again

it's not the pain, 

but the fear of losing again

that's holding you back

that's blocked your heart

your blood is frozen

and you act strong

you say it's the shallowness

while you tell lies

that you don't care, and you don't feel

who knows

in the depth of your hollowness

are the deepest desires

and the darkest of secrets

that are clotted, and won't melt easy


your laughter, and your smile?

tell them it's natural, it's gifted

and it was the only survival

while you walked alone the roughest mile


pour it all out?

you wish, and they wish

tell them it ain't simple

and it ain't happening

afterall, it's mere a story

it may become a gossip

bringing you deceiving stares


it's not the anger,

nor a fire for revenge,

it ain't physical either,

still you feel it in your bones,

in your muscles, and in your veins

it's the emptiness 

the feeling of feeling nothing

even when you are lost

it keeps haunting


you are now in the race

not knowing what to win and what to lose

you lost the purpose, you lost the sentiment

to yourself, you are new meaningless

you feel pity for your poor soul

while you are proud in the masses


it's your story, and yours alone


when the drama is over

your senses are restored

to keep you going for another event

while it all rests in there

yes, in the shallowness of your heart

it repeats over and over

and it's the new pattern

that's terrifying?

tell them to jump in if they're daring

it has to be earned, and it isn't easy

there's so much to tell, and so much to feel

but all in vain, 

you cannot be explored again, 

you just cannot be.

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