In today's world, expressions hold a very little place in our life. We are so much active virtually, that the person touch has gone missing. All we care these days is who is following us on Twitter, who's liking or commenting on our post in Facebook and other social networking site. And this inability to express leads us to depress.

I broke the law recently. The law of not expressing personally but by updating my feeling in a social networking site. Over the few months, all I did is just updated my profile every time I was going through a emotional change. All I did was just to wait for someone to like it or comment on it. And if nothing comes up, then I used to feel that my update is not worth an appreciation. I realized during that particular time that we are so much hooked to these social networking sites that we are forgetting the touch of personal presence.

After meeting a friend, who made me realize how lucky I am to have such a lovely parents (this will be a total new chapter which I am trying to pen down as a short story), I decided to call them up and share what I feel. As soon as I reached home, I called them up and shared what I felt. And to my surprise, I felt relaxed. For the first time, ever since I am on social networking site, I felt calm and relaxed as I got to know what they feel instantly, and I knew that I shared my feeling with the person directly and through any medium.

We all have become a slave of virtual world. We pour our heart through updates but when it comes to expressing personally, we fail. Virtual world is not going to help us with anything, but a living person would certainly do. So, if you're missing someone, want to say something to any of your close friends, or family, just dial their number and speak to them. Be it a misunderstanding, or your love towards them, let them know directly then through one of the social medium sites.

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