When people die do they extinct
When I die, I feel I'll extinct.
When my thoughts leave earth,
I'm sure they have extinct.
Cause they'll be no one like me.
Should I explain further,
I doubt you had my thought,
Let me explain further,
I will die with my theories,
I don't think I could take this further.
I digress, I oppose,
I lied
I agree, I suppose.
Life is short but the journey is long,
Length are days,
My time is at width.
Forgive my riddles,
I came like this.
I was built in a thought,
Executed in a dream.
I like numbers cause they never lie,
I'll count to eternity,
But then I'll only die.
Then I'll join it, I'll add to it.
I admire it. I wonder about it.
I'm amazed, how awe, how perfect.
The big bang, how chaotic.
I now remember, I am human.
I'm limited, I have one function,
I breathe, eat, then die.
But first I'll live, love and cry.
I'll walk, I'll ponder, I'll miss a detail,
I'm flawed, but to others flawed -
I'm just as perfect,
But you mean normal?
But I should be the variation,
I should matter more,
I should differ,
I should deviate.
I must be a creator,
I must be the visionaire,
I must important.
I will not change into these things,
Caterpillars don't change they become butterflies,
I will become these things.
But I am human,
I am limited, I have one function.
I will breath, eat and die.
So first, I'll live, love and cry.
Time will pass but I'll sleep in space.
But don't leave my question,
If should i fear extinction?

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