God made mothers because he knew that they would take care of us.God made fathers to supply us with needs.God made siblings for us to fight with and to never get bored.God made boyfriends to hook up with and never to feel lonely.But why did he make FRIENDS?!He made FRIENDS to make sure that we are never alone.After a break up FRIENDS are the people rely on to make us laugh again,after a fight with family FRIENDS convince us not to run away from them,after failure FRIENDS motivates us to have another try for success.It is because of them this day that I haven't had felt the need to die.
I, like all other people have a mixed bunch of FRIENDS,wannabes,popular gals,crazy ones,quite ones,humorous ones,emotional types,bullies,loud types and an ongoing list. Fights with friends are a part and parcel of school-life.But during that time hell seems to be better.FRIENDS may not be more important than family to some,but too me they are the bearers of my secrets,they listen to me and answer any of my curiosities about sex.On doing the same to parents the lure you to a therapist?!
FRIENDS throw the best surprise parties ever!They are sympathetic and listen to also the stupidest tales we feed them.
Like all people I too think that FRIENDS are the biggest bitches ever.Once you fall,don't worry they will always pick you up but that is once they stop laughing.And believe me I have encountered many such horrible and embarrassing situations.They ditch you so that they can flirt or hook-up with a boy.But in the end they always return back to you either with their tales of woe or that of trying to make us happy.

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