'Who are friends....?' Is the question I often ask myself..
And pat comes the reply.... Friends are the best relations you make in your life. This is what I have read and heard. But my experiences say something that is COMPLETELY different from the statement I mentioned.

I havent managed to make many REAL friends. And the few that I found, turned out to be back stabbers and some even jealous. Because of my staying quiet, people think I am moody. But I, in my defence would say THEY are prejudiced.

After a point, really, you begin to think you are at fault for all the failed friendships. I have a best friend now, who more or less knows me well. But, now that we have completed our schooling, I dont know for how long we would be able to keep in touch. And to make matters worse, she is changing too. She keeps aloof these days. Dont know if we would remain besties for long. But one thing I sure know, that, I would always wish well for her. To me, she'll always remain my best friend.

As I step into college life, I prepare for future endeavours and hope to be friends with many. And to those who betrayed my friendship..to them..its a GOODBYE from me!

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