Fuli Yen Gustaq aka F U Gustaq,a man in his 40's, clearly miserable, is explaining to his golfing colleague/s that he and wife are not speaking to one another and that all they do to communicate is leave each other little notes. After commiserating with him his friend/s suggest a game of golf the following day, to which he agrees.
Back at home and clearly the worse for wear, he finds his wife reading and watching TV clearly not in the talking mood. There are notes everywhere for him such as `so and so called' and `your dinners in the oven' etc.
When it is time for bed he thrusts a note into his wife's hands which says `I have an appointment at 6 am. Please wake me at 5!'
Dog tired he sets his alarm and sleeps the sleep of the dead. He wakes up very sleepy and suddenly swings his legs out of bed, wiping his eyes he grabs the alarm clock which tells him its 9 am. He stands up in a rage and as he grabs his dressing gown a piece of paper falls to the floor. It is a note from his wife which reads ` Wake up! It's 5 am.'

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