It's very annoying when people are so sure about what they actually don't know, yet pretend to know that better than you.
Happens everytime, you visit people, ask for advice, they give you advice, and later on, you suffer- as if forever. Have hardships, and when you come up with your problems, they keep on saying that they didn't ask you to do it that way.
Be it friends, teachers, relatives, neighbours, they all seem to be so fake. Wonder why they never reveal that they actually don't know what we are talking about?
When we are kids and need guidance, we first approach our teachers.
I remember the time when I was a favourite of the teacher, Reita, and would come up with all my daily problems to her, asking for advises.

Here was one such conversation.

"You're a bright student, child. You must take science."

"I would, that's for sure. But could you tell me whether I would be able to pursue Architecture as a career if I take Medical in 11th?"


"But why Miss? I mean, at our school, they do provide us with mathematics, along with PCB."

"Of course they do, but mathematics of 11th Non-med and Med are totally different, child. You need higher mathematics for Architecture."

"But won't 11th standards be the same?"

"Never. Medical is easier, if you ask me. Maths is easier, physics is easier in 11th itself."

And looking back to that time two years back, I feel like stupid, having consulted a stupid good-for-nothing creature.
Of course, I don't like architecture anymore- but wrong information has caused a lot of damage to me, of course.

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