Yes! You have read the title right.
Even though there are so many toys in this world, I wonder why people use feelings, emotions to play with.

I heard people saying this. But its more efficient and effective when experienced. Yes! Today I've experienced it. Yeah it hurts, but the case is more worse when people is replaced by so called 'Friends'!

Playing with ones emotions, ones weakness!
Spoiling friendship by being an unreliable babbler. They find their happiness, joy in such things! Such people do exist? Yeah! today I understand it.

Hurt, deep to the core! It Aches.
Even though, we want to show our emotions, we have to just pretend as if everything is all right! Control of emotions! Again a hard task.

Its said the straight trees are cut down first! Damn true! its the sensitive weak people who will be played with. When people find out the weakness they stab us from. Seriously! Sorry not people its a so called 'Friends'!! Amazing isn't it? But true!

Not all friends are real.
"Trust an enemy who slaps you in public not a fake friend who stabs you from behind!"
Seriously, there is no other dangerous thing in this world rather than a fake friend.
So many thoughts lingering in my mind, I am tensed, just penned down whatever I felt!
Tears rolling down.
Tears of anger?
Tears of pain?
Tears of being dejected?
Me too in a quest...

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