1: Nine times out of 10, a girl is only as attractive as her worst picture.

2: It takes 8 letters to type I love you and 26 muscles on face to say the same, so reading "I love you" is not same as listening one. Keep that in mind.

3: Many people hook on to internet in order to fight boredom so unless you know the person in question from real life too , you are just serving a purpose.

4: Any real person will never hesitate to show them on cam live, unless they have something to hide. "No cam no go" will save you lots of time.

5: Images can be made to look fairer, having perfect contrast and definitely be borrowed or stolen, so never trust the image on profile. Trust cam and save on time.

6: Rule of thumb anyone not coming on cam is not worth being on cam.

7: Don't trust if you can't verify , all those excuses of internet down, dad home, brother came etc can be cover-ups to keep you hooked while another chat session is on (t'is about need remember this always).

8: Don't trust all those "I swear" things , its easy to type that than to explain.

9: A real woman is as much interested in meeting you as you are in meeting her, if she is not able to meet you despite many plans, she is not going to see you.Stop at once.

10: Women can apply makeup and feel themselves to be what they appear.Same is true on internet,Doesn't matter to her what you praised, she feels high talking to a guy.Insist on cam.

Lastly, get real and find a real woman in real life , there is nothing like online love if you can't find one around you.

Checkout that next door neighbor, she might turn out better than the one on Face-hook. Life is here and Now, live it in real time.

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