Yet again,it was a bright sunny day,

Walking accross the streets of Delhi,

With vibrant shades and varied people,

with Hustle of leaves of upcoming spring,

honking of horns of a mob in swing,

going past the monuments,buildings and lakes,

through the streets selling paranthas and cakes..

i fell in love with the guy of my dreams,

the person who made everything look like a dream,

going trought the past till the future,

i couldn't stop admiring his knowledge and his realms,

we met on 14th Feb but it was not a date,

it was  one side and i dont know if he feels the same,

he said paintings are like poetry ,you feel them from your heart,

he took us through a guided tour of National gallery of Modern Art..

I dont know him since i never asked his name,

i am a teacher and in front of students it woud make me feel ashamed,

but i m a young girl too might be grown too soon for my age,

i wanted to enter the enchanted page,

i wanted to know more and more about the artists,their works,

and i dont know if this made me sudden all airy and feel like an artwork..

his eyes i remember,

i remember his voice,

feels like it is never before happened,

i feel it like its the first time..

but i never know whether it's the last time..

so i don't expect..

because i m too afraid to fall in love,

keep myself back in my cage,

like a baby tiger trying to run away from the jungle,

and love him like a cat who has no mother...

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