I am not being at all negative before starting my gist about explaining how the world turns round and round and shuts itself into a black hole..When you are alone and have many people around you,they say to you,that they are family big family and everyone is a friend,a mother,a brother, a father etc etc ..
But is it really so?because having experienced what i have experienced had made me come very near to death..I felt very lonely in whatever free time i used to get by any means and it drained me out like anything.
In present world people show off to be like it is a very big family but actually it is not..
What does a family mean,if people don't take any decision together,don't eat together,play together or fight together..
What does a family means when everyone thinks about themselves only and only unite when there's a single earthquake!!!
What does a family mean when we are not praying together even and then just trying to put a brave face forward that it's a family.
Does even anyone in present world have a single second to discuss what is going on and what other is surviving with...
Life is just turned upside down then where's the good and happy family??

Tags: Psychology

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