Famous scientists and their inventions
Some famous scientists and their most remarkable inventions and discoveries
Invention is something you create by experimentation, where as discovery is
finding out that already exists.

Evangelista Torricelli (1608-1647)

The famous Italian physicist and mathematician is the inventor of

the barometer (scientific tool used in the field of meteorology to

estimate atmospheric pressure), built in 1643. It would be

interesting to note that a number of Italian Navy submarines

were named after the inventor.

Ferdinand Verbiest (1623 - 1688)

Verbiest was an astronomer and a mathematician. He was the

one to invent the world's first automobile. The inventor came

up with the idea to create an automobile while visiting China as

a missionary. His automobile was powered by steam, but could

not carry humans.

Charles Babbage (1791-1871)

Charles Babbage was an English mathematician, philosopher, inventor

and mechanical engineer who originated the concept of a programmable

computer. Considered as “Father of Computers”, Babbage is credited

with inventing the first mechanical computer that eventually led to

more complex designs.


Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845 - 1923)

The famous German physicist Röntgen is the one who

discovered the X-rays (also known as Röntgen rays).

This invention allowed the German scientist to win the first

Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901.

Thomas Edison (1847 - 1931)

He has made a large number of inventions, but the most wellknown

one is the electric bulb. Among other discoveries of

Thomas Edison there are telegraph devices, phonograph,

carbon transmitter, direct current generator, universal electric

motor, and more.

Emile Berliner (1851 - 1929)

The German-born Jewish American scientist became known for

his disc record gramophone (in the United States known as

phonograph or record player). Used for recording and

reproducing sounds on a gramophone record, vinyl record, the

device (with certain modifications made once in a while) was

popular until 1980s.

Alexander Graham Bell (1857 - 1922)

During the experiments he carried out with the telegraph,

Bell came up with the idea of the telephone.

The inventor of one of the most popular devices today

thought that the telephone was intruding, that is why he did

not have one in his workplace.

Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel (1858 - 1913)

Being a mechanical engineer, Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel

managed to discover the diesel engine.

The German inventor was also a well-known thermal engineer, a

polyglot, an expert in arts, and a social theorist.

Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

One of the greatest scientists of the 20th century is the creator

of numerous inventions and theories that transformed a lot of

concepts linked to space and time, with the most important

discovery being the theory of relativity. Other discoveries of

Einstein include the photoelectric effect and the Einstein


Sir Alexander Fleming (1881 - 1955)

During the World War I Fleming worked as an army medical

doctor. He is the inventor of penicillin that prevented a lot of

soldiers from being infected. The discovery of penicillin

managed to significantly boost the evolution of medicine


Fritz Pfleumer (1881 - 1945)

The German-Austrian engineer is the inventor of the

magnetic tape used for recording sound. Pfleumer decided

to grant the right of use to the AEG, a German

manufacturer of electrical equipment. The event took place

on December 1, 1932. Based on Pfleumer's magnetic tape,

the German firm created the world's first practical tape

recorder dubbed Magnetophon K1.

Frederick Banting (1891 - 1941)

Initially Banting was dedicated to politics but later decided to

shift to medicine. In 1916 he completed his MD and during the

World War I worked as a doctor. He was very interested in

diabetes and continuously worked on a cure for it. Banting

searched for cure for diabetes together with Dr. Charles Best.

In 1923 the researcher was awarded with the Nobel Prize for

discovering insulin.

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