That if you press on her skin she will ooze sunlight, because these bodies do absorb them. That They might have sunlight in their veins, just like light signals in optical fibres. That the reason for a cloudy weather is not cloud, but that, these girls come out in the streets, and absorb it.

That their entire body is made up of roasted groundnuts. That if you rub them, they will give out that smell. Or if you tap them, they will disintegrate and spread onto the floor, and become groundnuts.

That they are extremely fertile. If they don't get our sperms, they will reproduce by combining anything from air. That the sexual fluid between their thighs gives out the same color combination as the Nile with the surrounding dark Egyptian soil.

That if they had eyeliners on and they were left to wander in the jungle, the lion for the first time will submit and get confused. It won't be able to decide if to feast on this gazelle like tender creature or copulate with it, for it has voluptuous body or simply...serve as her slave.

That there could be a huge population of dead dusky girls in the sea-bed, else why is ocean salty? There must be too many of them, too many. But why are they salty? Do they have an entire layer of salt just beneath their skin?

That in winters you could just wrap her around you, and you won't need a blanket. She could give you kids as brown and as warm. If you stuff two kids like that, on your sides, like pillow, you will sweat.

The clove is dark too. What if she has a breath like it? Would you always want to taste her mouth after dinner? Would you begin to suspect, she is made up of Indian spices, particularly garam masala? That she could change the taste of your tea, if she stirs her finger in your lemon tea?

Tags: Fantasy

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