Much has been written on Fb's appeal. But one fact is so true.
I daily log in first onto wb and only then onto fb.

Wb is definitely better.
Firstly you are a big fish in a tiny pond. So more recognisable. More self importance.
FB is huge. You are a tiny speck.. a small star in a huge firmament. A supporting actor in the FB movie not the main one ever.

When has fb ever seen Mark interacting with his readers? He is too busy minting money. its a different story. The guy's there to answer every query. Comment on every post. Manages with real aplomb.

Fb's about sharing. Sharing others' posts and comments. Nothing original. The same joke gets circulated for years.
Wb is mostly original. Hope so.

Fb chats..profile poses are spectacularly missing here. So are heartbreaks and unnecessary headaches.

Fb develops showoffs really.
Here they stand zero chance. They would be booed out by discerning eyes in a blink of an eye.

Fb includes plain names. Plain Jane's. Jacks or jills.
Here attractive names like Percy, lady sugar, muffins, and what not attracts readers like bees. Sometimes visiting faculty comes avisiting. Or a ashu or ashoka or ashutosh.
How could someone not love these lovely names?

Fb's more well known. It's been there for years.
Wait till wb gets there.
Who knows we might surpass them!

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