There is no surprise when people remember you in their hard and tough time and sometimes in their happy hours too, for their sake or satisfaction or for something they might be missing off. I usually try to feel the way they want me to feel or may be i am the right one for them to share their instance of feeling.
if all these makes me feel happy or i feel special when all these happens. yeah i feel happy all for your sake that you still need me i feel proud sometimes that people value for me,but all these happens and bring my happiness to end when i got to know all that was just for a moment or those precious moment that we only shares .

actually this is the feeling i am talking about, the real world is far ahead of all these feeling yeah this is the feeling which i cannot share with anyone so i am writing all you need is my presence in your time but not for ever i want to make you feel every time but i am restricted because one need better half for life and i can only make you happy for that mean time. yeah this is i meant for or i have my life where i am just feel Good factor thats it. Should i be happy for all these or i should be selfish ?
i try not to entertain further but i guess i am not someone with right decision maker feeling sad and happier for the next time u need me

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