I always used music as a get away from all my problems, even as a kid... I used to play my cassettes in the living room while everyone else would watch tv or something else, I'd be sitting on my couch mouthing all the lyrics and rattling my little head with an old headset.
Thru my highschool years my love for music just grew more and more, and I used music as a way to express myself thru the lyrics. I would dance, sing or anything I would feel like doing at the moment. It was the perfect way to forget it all.
Now, I have a friend, more like, my bestfriend, we've been bestfriends for at least 8 years now, so we pretty much have lived it all together. One of the things I used to do with her and my ex was to get together to drink till we would get drunk, play music and have some fun. But there was only one problem... My ex. He would take it, but up to a certain point. He would after nag me of how boring it is to see us sing music that he doesnt even like and how he doesn't wanna do it and so on and so forth.
Tonight, while I was skyping with someone special, I showed him one of the songs I used to sing back in the days with my best friend, he laughed a little and said didn't expect the suddle change in music, since it passed from Nu Metal to Rock-Pop but it wasn't what he said at the moment what got to me, it was what he said later.
He said, "It makes me so happy to see you singing and enjoying yourself, happy as well." At the moment, yes it was cute and all, but I didnt realize till just now before I started writting, how much of a difference a SINGLE person can make in your life, and how they can show you not everything is bad.
Dont get me wrong, I'm not saying I had a terrible life because my ex didnt like my bestfriend and I singing, I'm not so shallow, but its more of... the meaning behind it, how out of the same situation two very different things can come out... I don't know if I'm explaining myself correctly, or, it might just be this special person has affected my judgment...?
Whatever it is, I guess my point after all this is... it does get better. After suffering from a very very long relationship (you can read my diary too :P) and thinking it would never get better, here comes your part of the deal and u get a new caring a sweet someone that cares for you.
keep pushing for it!!

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