M in durgapur(..West Bengal) and there many things that amuse me.

1.Grey City. Every leaf is covered with coal dust. Its an industrial city and most of the industries use coal as its main raw material. Coal Coal everywhere.

2. This city always sleeps. Shops open at around 10 am in the morning and then is closed at 1 pm till 5pm than they open for another 4-5 hour and the city goes to sleep at 10pm. Even the small shops in the colonies open at 10am in the morning. WTF!!!

3. Extremely Cheap. I had my lunch at a hotel yesterday. It was a decent restaurant or something. I had a thali. It was overflowing with rice, and dal, aaaloo ka bhujiya and another mixed veg along with a tomato chutney. Guess the price. I took extra daal and bhujiya because rice was more. It costs Rs. 12. Yes fuc*ing 12 rupee. Can you believe it.

4. You are looked down upon if you speak hindi. I don't know bangla and almost a criminal here.

5. People are very friendly among themselves. You know what I mean. :P , but they are nice, some people very very nice.

6. Mornings are super awesome if take a walk. City is greenish-grey, I mean trees and trees all over the place(..also refer to point 1 for grey color). Weather is cool, at-least this time of the year.

This was a very unbiased observation as i have lived in many states and more than 15 cities for more than a month and more than 2 yrs in 10 of them. I know every place is unique and special, and i respect this fact, so any bong brother and sister don't try to take revenge. :P

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