I want you madly. Every night I'm burning with desire and impatience. I am already done with the shower and excited to be in a hurry and to be with you under the covers. You're waiting for me, and your thoughts are about the same. As soon as I find myself next to you to cuddle me. I embrace you, caressing your body is a delightful thing. My one end touches your skin and you go crazy. I try to go a bit agressive but you gently pull me away and lay on me. Again, I feel close to your body. You kiss my neck, biting my earlobe as i am unable to stand. I still turn to you and your lips meet mine. Your foot is already on my hip, and I feel the moisture of your pussy being excited. Our kisses are slow and sensual and you ask leisurely with a erotic pace. Suddenly I feel your palm on my long embarking penis. You gently stroke it with your bare touch. You go down lower and fondle the scrotum. I allow myself to hug you without interrupting the endless kiss. I feel like you're covering my penis and it is more and more filled with blood. It feels insanely satisfying to be in your capacity, defenseless and at the same time knowing that you will be gentle with me like no one else. Slowly you begin to move down. Your luxurious chest touches my body causing a shiver of pleasure. I spread my legs and my penis is caught between your breasts. I grab your palms but no..you gently brush aside my hands. You're the captain and so I do not dare to argue. Caressing my chest, you go down even lower. Your palms are under my buttocks and you almost spread them and gently rub it down. You flirty exhaust my spouting penis from the head to my balls. I see your nostrils dilate as it seems that you like this incredibly masculine strength. Suddenly, rising slightly, momentarily grabbing my penis and licking it with your lips like speaking grease. I applied to meet but no.. you are only teasing me.
You tenderly embraces one thing after another. Your touch and breath warms them, and relaxes the scrotum. I feel that both my balls are in your mouth. My God! how nice it is to be this unbearable! In the meantime, your fingers cross their way closer to the hollow between the buttocks as you fondle then and accidentally touch the anus. I shudder with excitement. You masterfully keep me on the edge, preventing me to explode but it is still only a prelude. You lick the scrotum and gently around it. At such moments, I am glad that you took the decision to remove all the hair there. Your kindness is driving me crazy and most importantly, its you who is most insanely nice to fondle me. After playing with the scrotal tongue and lips, you work your way shortly. At the same time I feel like your palm slips out from under me and gently takes a push below the knees. I obediently bend my legs but it is not enough. Suddenly realizing what's on your mind, I don't give a thought and quickly lift the feet above nearly to my chest. Now I can not see anything but its fine. It takes only a couple of seconds for the action but to me it seems like an eternity. You kiss me slowly from the scrotum. When you reach my anus I pierce an electrical discharge. You kiss it and goes for the cause of the tongue. I dance around the below level and you cover it with saliva as I am blissfully happy about it. Gradually, my anus relaxes and your nimble tongue dives slightly inward. Your kisses are gentle and affectionate and my God, how do you do it! You lick my ass and I think I'm going to die. I'm starting to moan softly and my penis seems that it is about to burst. Sensing that I was close, you lower me on the bed. The tongue, not looking up from my body, travels upward, the scrotum, the trunk member is patting bridle. It is impossible to tolerate. I wriggle beneath your caressess. Finally, you decide to take pity as your lips cover the head and begin to move smoothly up and down. You suck so gently and so tastefully that turn me even more albeit far more than it is already ready to burst out. I suddenly feel like you fingertip massages my anus. I explode..! God, how good..! ... Your lips do not let my cock spew semen. I hear you gasp for this delicacy. When I am finally exhausted, you're licking my penis and gently kiss it again. My forces are barely enough to pull you upwards and glare at your lips to give you a kiss of gratitude.

Tags: Adult

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