The night was silent, lying on bed were two souls, two bodies, a couple- drifted apart. Had a fight, hours ago, no one initiated to solve. Young love- it wants to be pampered, approached, wants to throw tantrums and yet, wants to be together.
Meher was on the right side of the bed, Shiv on the other, their backs turned to each other, but eyes looking for the other from the corner. For the newlywed couple, as they were, it wasn’t acceptable to be not making love and fighting instead. But love, it demands to be demanded.
Meher, a sensitive soul at heart, was crying in her own space, when her husband heard her sobbing. He loves her, how can he let her cry? But male ego dominates the mind, how could he bend down and accept his mistake? It’s against the rules.

Meher cleaned her face and tears, her choodha making the lovely soft sounds, Shiv turned to her, she was still facing the other side. He touched her shoulder, and made her turn to him. On the support of his arm, he was leaning over her. Both looked into each other’s eyes for a minute, realizing how special there love is, how could they let it go away in such a petty fight?
Shiv kept his ego aside and apologized, ah the benefit of shedding a few tears- makes your man go down on his knees. Meher smiled at him, he smiled back, leaned in to kiss his gorgeous wife. The newlyweds as they were, it was totally justified to fight and then make up with a few kisses and making love. Young love- it demands to be felt. It demands to be expressed.


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