She walks with a smile,
With a dagger in her heart.
People stare at her full,
Their eyes getting a headstart.
Every turn she takes,
A whistling sound stranger makes.
To shout or to just let go,
She confronts her reality really slow.
Her gestures make her human,
Yet nobody feels so in the crowd.
She absorbs the smirk and bitterness,
For she is but a woman amongst men.
Daily with an upbeat mood she wakes up,
Daily with a sombre mood she falls asleep.
Her life is dissected through the middle time,
No heart spared even if she is one of our own.
She walks in the hope to live,
With a deadly attacker stalking her move.
Her male friends might turn amorous,
Who anticipates a hammer hurting a groove.
With her are her parents,
With her is almighty.
She will conquer life one day,
You bet,she will be victorious in her stay!

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