There were no songs, no sweets
Neither the lamps were lit
Nor the people smiled whole heartedly
Because it was a girl who was born

I was supposed to be grown in darkness
Though a flower I am
Was suppressed from spreading my fragrance
Always bound by the terms of customs

And when it was the time for me to blossom
There came the men to pluck out
Crushing my every petal hardly
They left me half dead, only a breathing soul

I wanted to get up again, but couldn't
I wanted to walk on, but couldn't
Cried out in silence yet smiling to myself
I started crawling on the floor

Trying to unite all my strengths and hopes
I determined not to give up
Let me be confident about tomorrow
I shall find a ray of light one day

My walk to search for a life started
Each and every step making me grow up again
The journey took me through a hard path
And yes, finally I stood up

Shining like a pole star
I turned to be a ray of light
To those thousand crawling souls
helping them to get up and move on

My life has taught me, an all time lesson
Not to run, but one should fight against
Be patient and keep up the effort
You will reach the goal for sure

And What if you are a girl..??
You can achieve anything you want
Believe in yourself, just go on
The flower will blossom on its own

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