The scohing heat of the sun had been too much for all of us to bear, as we had to suffer the bat of 45 degree celsius each day, sweating profusely! Oh how? How in Delhi the climate suddenly become as humid as that of Kolkata?
The day would be spent looking at the switched off A.C., fearing the bill otherwise it it ran for the whole day, and waiting for the night to approach when all three of us would get to sit in front of it and then sleep. How these sufferings are so torturous, as we each day felt when would it disappear... this scorching heat.
It was amazing how the climate in Delhi changes from freezing 1 degree to extreme 45 degrees, and during the winters we would pray for the same heat we now receive.
Thankfully it rained today, and rain till now remains the best.
Delhi today receives it's first drops, now we hope it's our time to enjoy. :)

Tags: Rain, Nature

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