It was one of those times
Life was jolly, good n fine
There you came along
In auto near the temple

You galloped on a white horse
Did you look exactly that?
Or, once again I was hallucinating
The reality n divine entwined with you

You looked heavenly, I remember perfectly
Did you know baby, I was drinking on you
Out of the corner of my eyes

Down down down, I drowned
Rugged breathing, I suffered
Crackled the electric current *spark*
Your handshake shook me out of control

It was bowling that you chose as starter
But forget that you did
My nerves were already on the fire burner
I had just seen you bare chested in real

I was on a roll, I was high
I took in me that it’s the time
I am never gonna miss in my life

Tension there was
Teasing, a lot I did
Truth was it was challenging
And so you said

Oh don’t come near, dear
I am gonna miss all my chances
Forget where we are, and
Make you just rush back in bed

Curiosity killed the cat
I had heard it multiple times
Oh, how much I craved
I was ready to die a thousand deaths

Always succumb to a challenge
That was my line all the time
But I backed off then and there
Sanity prevailed that point in time

Freak, you may call me
But my feelings were just too raw
You were my Damon, darling
It was simply love at first sight
I only didn’t realise before.

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