When I first met you, You were the one I never knew;
I don't have a clue, for how our friendship grew!
Sharing the best secrets & untold stories;
Time made us the best & true of friends!

Time & then, I discovered the real you;
Gentle, pure, honest whose heart is so true!
My thick & thins, ails & grieves you were through;
I asked myself, to me who were you?

Soon, there was a bolt from blue;
I discovered, No more I could live without you;
Days rolled & greatest fear within me grew;
To my fate, I couldn't resist falling for you!

Though your love, you 've never expressed;
I know, 'Cause Silence can also be sensed!
Our story is like that of '2 States';
No luck! I sit here starring at the closed gate!

Now, I love the time when we spend together;
Though we know this wont be forever!
Even God can't answer our prayers;
'Cause We are never made for each other!

The sweet yet sad story of how two writers;
One day, they need to become strangers!
I know, our love will never prevail;
Hmm.. We need to go where the ship sails!

Of our silent first love, I will write a novel;
Whose love is pure, true & noble!
Stay happy forever, I wanna see you smile;
You own a special place in me all the while...

Tags: ROMANCE, Love

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