Sonny boy i say you hear; go and fetch the ball
run and jump but don't get scared; in case you ever fall

Listen sonny boy I was also young; and never used to play
Sitting and sprawled just reading books; inside i used to stay

Sonny boy it is important; you must learn and apply, and
concentrate and listen to; what i tell you to try

Tired you feel at first when you; run and play outdoors
thus drink fluids and take small breaks; or sit down on the floor

Listen boy, to build stamina; make exercise your habit
stretch you legs, bend up and down; one day you'll run like a rabbit

Rise early in morning, sleep soundly in-time;
Go for a jog, do pull-ups and run; or just go for a stroll

Remember sonny boy that ...

Health is one galore wealth; that adds life to your age-tree
It is one prize that god is willing; to distribute us for free

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