the first thing is an open mind,
a free society, which does not bind.
where a girl & boy can be "just friends"
and a boy and a boy can be lovers till the end.

the second thing is the respect and the gratitude,
be it for a postman, maid, or a prostitute,
everyone wishes things were other way around,
than their regret, let our respect be more profound.

the third thing is a corruption free world,
without the burdens of impurities, guilts and hurls.
politics or no politics, who cares?
let a dirty, cruel self within be so rare.

the fourth thing is " no religion"
no boundaries to decide our region.
we all are born with the same red in us,
lets not split each other's out to come first.

about the last one i am confused myself,
perhaps there are many more cravings, i wish to tell,
but let us leave it to decide by one's own conscience,
and lets try to create a world that has love as its foundations..!

Tags: Peace

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