It was a hot summer night and there was a power failure in our locality. I somehow found my cell phone with darkness in my eyes, the time was about nine PM and the phone's battery was dying. Within some time the cold air left by the air conditioner which was running at full swing few minutes back dried up. I began to sweat. Mom was busy, as she had to prepare dinner in the dark and the only help was an emergency light which would also die within an hour or so. Dad called the power supply incharge of our area. "Sorry sir, seems there is a massive power failure over here and the problem won't be fixed until morning." I heard his voice from the other side. My dad started cursing the system again .
I peeped out to see absolute darkness except that of the torches of some people who wished to get out of their houses, on the street as if to have an adventure ride in the dark, Instead some of them bumped on each other and then cursed and stated abusing just to take out more people from their respective houses. I just watched from the window of my room. My friend called me, "Hey, can you hear the noises outside?" he asked exited. "Yes, why?" although I knew what he would say next I acted as if I wanted to know. "Lets go out and watch the fight" he replied. "err, actually I am not feeling good. You go, I will catch you later." I said as I hung up. Why do people go to see fights and entertain themselves? I thought. Moreover they announce the thing as if they are going for a blockbuster movie.
I was too bored perhaps to go out and watch somebody fight as my mom called for dinner. "Eat your food before this light stops working" she said as she handed me my plate. First of all it was too hot that day and moreover the people were shouting and fighting outside and then there was darkness everywhere. Ridiculously I didn't know what I had eaten for dinner except the chapattis. I took my plate near the dying light to see what was there in my plate but I couldn't figure it out.
After dinner I went to the terrace, as I knew there would be no electricity for the whole night and trying to sleep would be worthless for me. The temperature was a little lower there on the terrace. I saw the audiences along with the participants of the local no issue fight heading back to their homes. I took out my cell phone to see the time and listen to some music. It was eleven by then. The phone showed a 'battery low' message as it turned itself off. Huh will be a silent night I thought as I kept the phone in my pocket and started strolling around. Some clouds which had been covering the moon by now moved away. It wasn't a full moon night but the light of the moon was enough to see around. I walked around silently enjoying some small breezes which blew occasionally. Sometimes I could hear people talking about the electric failure and some were cursing the government. I was lost in my own thoughts as I continued walking. Hardly an hour had passed maybe, when I felt someone else entered the terrace. I didn't pay much attention as I wanted to spend my time alone. Some more time passed as I felt someone's presence on the terrace. But no one came up to me.
I decided to look around and find out myself. I went to the other side of the terrace. By now it was quiet everywhere as everyone had retired to rest.Only some boys were roaming in the street laughing and gossiping. Surprisingly there was no one around in the terrace. But I felt someone was there. JUST when I turned back I saw a thin tall boy standing there with a broad smile. I fell aback. He didn't say anything. I stammered "wwho...who And ...and why did you come like..that?" "I am Anand" he said. "SO why didn't you come to me earlier?" I asked returning to my senses. "I came, you didn't notice" he replied. "Oh I am Sachin by the way" I said as I extended my hand. As we shook hands a chill ran down my spine. "I haven't seen you here before" I said. "We shifted here recently" Anand replied, he had no expressions on his face neither did he move much. It seemed there was something abnormal. "What is your flat number?" I asked. "52/C " he replied. From the part of the terrace where we were standing Flat No. 52/C was quite visible. I knew that no one had ever come to live there since many years. Pointing to the house I said "That one? No one has been there since ages. The house must have been in a mess?" "Don't ever say anything about our flat again. It was my mom's choice" he said with a hint of anger in his voice. I turned my eyes from him to look at the flat again, this time I could see a faint yellow light coming from inside the house and I could see shadow of a woman and cries from inside the house as if someone was being beaten.
As I turned back I found Anand was not there. I went searching for him everywhere when suddenly he appeared the same way he did earlier. My heart skipped a beat "You scare me every time." I complained still in shock. "I don't want to live anymore" he said calmly. "Ww..WHAT?" I tried to figure things out."No one is there for me in this world, my dad killed my mom whom I loved so much. Now he beats me up regularly like an animal" He didn't say anything more and walked towards the edge of the roof. I knew he was going to jump as he climbed the safety railing. I tried to stop him as I started walking close to the railing. Suddenly the clouds covered the moon and a strong wind started blowing, it was so strong that I couldn't move.I saw Anand jump off the terrace and as he did so the wind left me and I landed straight near the edge. I peeped down, Anand was lying on the ground I could make it out. I ran down the stairs as I banged the door of my house. My dad came out looking sleepy. "Why are you banging doors in the middle of the night?" he said yawning. "Dad call the ambulance a boy jumped from the terrace. "WHAT?" my dad said as he came down with me. I saw flowing blood. "DAD! see blood" I was horrified. As we went near we saw somebody had left a water pipe running and there was only water there. "No one is here son, seems you have been imagining things" he said smiling. "But..but dad Anand jumped, I am sure" I said astonished. "Lets go home, you should have some sleep now" my dad took me with him.
Next morning I narrated him the whole story. "I don't know if it was a ghost or spirit or you had been imagining but I know something about flat no. 52/C" he said. "Please tell me dad" I requested. "Many years back when you were small a family came to live there. It was a small family only husband, wife and a son who was as old as you are now. We came to know that the man had killed his wife. And within some days his son committed suicide by hanging himself, he left a suicide note behind. Which revealed that his father had killed his mom and he had threatened him not to say anything to the police or he would kill him too. The man is behind the bars now." my father concluded.
I was awestruck. I couldn't sleep well for days as I vowed never to go back to the terrace during night time again!

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