when i say the word flirt.. what comes to mind???
a guy who talks to every girl?? who hits on them??
why is there such a negative view on a guy who talks to every girl??
i love talking to girls.. doesnt make me a flirt.. i dont hit on everything that walks!
so what makes girls comfortable with me? thats what most of my friends ask me.. theres a simple answer to that.
I listen!
thats actually all that a girl wants.. someone to listen to her.. someone to understand her.. her likes.. her dislikes.. her problems.. her life..
every girl doesnt want a guy to be with.. they want a friend.. thats wat i am to most girls..
i never ever date a girl without being friends with her.. whats the point??
there are two ways that a guy can have a lot of girl friends..
if he's handsome and rich?? well.. most guys would also go for a guy like that :P
or if he's a friend..
i prefer to be in the latter category..
if that makes me a flirt.. so be it..
im a flirt.. and happy to be one! :D

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