Those moments of knowing each other,
Those moments of caring for people.
Oh,how I miss them time and again,
For the people have left me yet again.
I feel for them in retrospect,
Was I their subject of their regret?
They came into my life with much aplomb,
I regaled with them and shared my fun.
And yet when the time came for company,
We parted ways with hatred in mind.
I still care for those who left me,
I still want them to come back to me.
Maybe I demand too much from God,
I just don't want to be a man of agony.
Its true that motives are different,
The heart though remains the same.
Skirmishes and falls do happen in life,
That doesn't mean we can't walk again.
I wish time was round and they all came back,
With companions' cards,I wanted to build my stack.

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