Its something different abt this day..
May be we haven't shared our childhood as everyone does. .
May be u were not there when I used to cry all the nights ..
May be u did not rock me in ur arms
As every bro does..
May be u did not sing lullaby every night ..
May be we have not played pranks together ...
But u r above all these thoughts right what matters to me...
We may not see each other every moment but the presence u have created in my life is above all this
The care and love which u shower is more than anyone
When u fill the gaps of my parents And when u fill the gaps of my teachers....
When u fill the gaps of my idol person...
When u fill the gaps of all that I can imagine and be.
Is what we share ..
Which is beyond words and feelings..
Which is beyond respect and love...
Which is beyond the theory of my existence......
On this day I wanna say u just one thing ... I love u very much and thank you very much for coming into my life .
Yours always

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