A million dollar question indeed and a tough job on earth I guess.

AS I ponder! – All of a sudden, my foresight, my visual screen blanks out, as any channel would on a very old black and white TELEVISION SET.

Almost whirling around, but regaining my balance, I murmured..... “Hmmmm!…..Ahhhhhh!…..Television????!!!...

No clouds, No rain, but A Thundering strike, as a spark from a Spark-Plug, hitting my head, giving life to my life, “OH!,.. Ya!…., Television!…. Tele – Vision-!..,

With glittering eyes and an agitated mind,
I say –
“Yes! I wanted to be REMEMBERED!
To be remembered NOT JUST ONE,
BUT, to be one of EACH…..
Each of THESE…these SUPERHEROS….

The SUPERMAN in saving lives!
The HE-MAN in my physic!
The SPIDERMAN in responsibility!
The BAT MAN as a detective!
CAPTION AMERICA for speed and endurance!
The IRON MAN as an INGENIOUS engineer!
The INCREDABLE HULK against EVERY social evil!
THE MASK impressing almost every WOMAN!“

To be HONEST, I never knew where I stand,
Realizing all of a sudden,
All of them (the Superheroes),
Struggling at a point – a point, a point demanding them all,
To be a HUMAN, a human being, THE TOUGHEST OF ALL.

And finally, my agitated mind settles and the answer becomes clear – “YES! I wanted, wanted to be remembered, remembered as a Man, a Common Man, a Human Being”.

I believe that’s my first step towards my immortality.



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