I had like the world to.. WAIT!! The WORLD?? Forget about the world. I don't want to be Barack Obama or Usain Bolt. I don't like the aspect of being a mega-superstar, a celebrity. I just want to be me and have a normal and happy life.

Let's talk about My world..

Firstly, after I die, I had really loved the people involved in my life to remember me as a good man. Someone who respected people and lived as a real, rules-following Muslim throughout his life.

I want my mum and dad to remember that despite hating school so much, I completed my full studies. It was because I did not want them to be unhappy and disrespected in this fickle minded society. I had like them to remember all the little happy, unhappy memories that I spent with them since I was born..

I want my kids to remember that I really loved them so much and did my very best to keep them in the right way, the way of living according to Islam and was a really good daddy.

I want my dear wife to know that I loved her dearly and remember me as a loving and caring hubby who never dared to betray her trust and ill treat her and beat her as if she was a lifeless toy..

Well that's all .. :)


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