We don't know about life after death. We never know what people think about us when we are alive, forget about when we are dead. But whatever is the situation, whatever be the the troubles, all of us are given the most precious gift- Life. Our life is what we make of it or rather how we break it. All of are given opportunities in the course of life to make it worthy, but how we use those opportunities decides whether our life was worthy.

When we die who will remember us? Our loved ones? Our friends? Our neighbours? Our colleagues? May be all of them or sometimes sadly none of them. What decides who remembers us is the work that we do in our lifetime.

I keep wondering what will people think about me when I'm gone and can I do something now to change it? Maybe I can. Or maybe I can't for I don't know when death may lay it's hands on me. But I can't stop dreaming and I can't stop chasing my dreams for the fear that I may die.

Yes, I do have dreams! Dreams to make it big! Whenever I think of the future I think I want to do this, achieve this, do that. I want to be a great author. I want people to be fond of my writing and hence I want them to remember me for books I've written after I die. Oh yes, I also want to be a rockstar or may be a melody queen whose voice, whose music enchants many. Yes, if I make it big here even when I die my voice will remain and make the people remember me! And now that I am an engineering student, I want to be the next big tech innovator. I want to own my company that makes those awesome gadgets! Well, I'm thinking of a name. Any suggestions? If I can fulfill this maybe I can stay put forever in people's minds. But do I honestly want people to remember me for all this? Hmmm... No!

A few days ago I came across one of my dad's old students on a social networking site. My dad's no more with me. His student told me that my dad was one of her best teachers. It was he who inspired them to dream big and work hard to achieve those dreams. Those words touched me! My dad wasn't a famous personality. He didn't write a book neither didn't he invent something new. Yet, people remembered him long after he was gone. Yes, this is what I want people to remember me for!

I want people to remember me for the person a was. A loving daughter, a caring sister, a good student, a faithful friend and above all a good human being. I want to be remembered as the one who wiped others tears and spread smiles. A good listener, always helping those in trouble. I want to be remembered as someone who in the quest of her dreams didn't forget to help others achieve their dreams! I want to be an inspiration. I want my life to be the one which was lived to the full. I don't want to be remembered as a celebrity or for the great things I may do. I want to be remembered for the little joys I spread. Those big dreams of mine may or may not come true. But I can definitely make people remember me for the life that I promise to live well!


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