"We were in love...
He loved being loved and I loved loving him. We were each other's best gift! A gift earned in return to the sacrifices our success demanded. We were, indeed, each other's success!
Inspiring mutually to reach our best, supporting mutually during the time of down fall and celebrating equally, each other's milestones.
Our love was far beyond flowers and fights. It connected not just our bodies but our souls.
The world called it ludicrous. But who cared? For us, we were each other's world...

Some love stories are like that...
Perfect once, but only until the promises were broken, circumstances became unlikely, romance became boredom and time spent together became a tolerance test.
No, these are not the stories of teenagers, who get committed under the influence of adrenaline and break up at the drop of the hat. Such a thing, on the first hand, is not love at all.
These are the stories of matured people who are aware of what they are up to; Aware and willful of all the responsibilities that follow a committed relationship. Then what can go wrong between them? If everything started perfectly and everything went on perfectly, then how can the end become imperfect? If all-is-well-that-ends-well is true, shouldn't its reverse be true too?
Yes, the life would have been much simpler if the reverses of all the theories were true. But no, life is not meant to be simple or fair or helpful.
And somewhere in-between this passing life, even the true love stories turn complicated, unfair and even regretful.
Soul mate's love gets questioned. Perfect decisions get challenged. Every thing built together, starts falling apart. The world, which once never mattered, becomes the advisor; teaching by its enormous experience, that not all love stories are forever.
Instincts get overshadowed by the instructions of the world, and leaves behind the option of either to abandon or compromise with the 'once perfect love', for the rest of the life.
And this is how, sometimes, an 'Until' will end a 'Forever'...!

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