All sort of things were scattered on the floor. It has been days since they moved into their new home but still the rooms could not be arranged in perfect order, satisfying Mia and her family. Every other day there was a quarrel for whether a particular piece of furniture should be placed in the right corner or the left, whether the chandelier be hung in the living room or the balcony, innumerable permutation and combinations were being worked out to give the house a perfect look.

A particular piece of wall was painted with a shade of ivory to get adored with all varieties of art work that had never been given its due place all these years, having got stuffed in some corner or being hung alone like an orphaned child.

It was, when arranging those pieces of old paintings, Mia discovered a small rectangular piece of art, covered with dust and spider webs that shadowed it’s cobalt blue coloured sky and a family of birds feeding on tiny worms, bringing back the memories of a long forgotten relationship but still beholding it’s moments in the shades of it’s various colours.

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