Listen! Does the voice of mine even reach you?
Where do you go now, leaving me alone?
Leaving me with those old memories inside,
haunting me, pinching me, making me cry and moan..
As I look back into who we were,
And remember all our silly talks and fights,
wherein you used to swear at me,
for eating away all your lunch,
not offering you a single bite!!
Yet afterwards, we laughed in glee..

Where are those naughty jokes,
throughout our talks, chats and laughs?
Silly games, and naughty thoughts,
fun, amusements, naughtiness, mocks??
Eveready to save your comrade, yes, me
from any fear, trouble, dismay..
When ready to give your life for me,
You promised it to be forever this way-
You and me, walking hand in hand,
Pairing to get crazier than heights;
Not knowing where to finally land,
yet enjoying, happy and gay!

Listen! Does the voice of mine reach you??
Where are those questions,
which irritated me, I miss those..
Regarding your affairs and crushes,
Or polling the better- eyeglasses or lens??
Lot of time seems to have passed,
flown away like that sky jet
Perhaps, people are right,
with it, everything does change!
People themseves, surroundings or friends,
Yet unchanged I stand for you, eyes all wet!
Though knowing that day won't come,
when back will you ever be to me..
with brands of brandy, tequilla and rum,
"It's celebration time!" you would hum!

STOP! For once hear me!
I beg again.. Don't further your steps,
wherever you're going...
Leaving me alone
Leaving me with those old memories inside,
haunting me, pinching me, making me cry and moan!!
I search for that past, when you confided in me
Sharing secrets, asking for advice..
Making fun of how we piss or pee
Totally out of senses, yet in glee!!
Back then, you considered me so affable and wise!

Did you forget all of these?
I try my best, to make you recollect with ease!

Listen! Does my voice reach you?
Perhaps no, since you walk far away,
never looking back into the past,
punishing me for a mistake unknown, uncommitted..
As I watch your hands in someone else's, at last!
Or perhaps you heard,
yet not care..
Yet I am waiting, that's never fair!
Listen, I wanted to tell you 'tis
I love you and i miss you too,
As hopelessly, I hope to see you too...!
Does the voice of mi...n.e...
Where are you goi...
I am wai....

P.S.: A true story!

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