Friends. A word with unique beauty. They are who let you forget your pains, your failures and yourself. Give them a place inside your heart and you become a changed man, a responsible man, a wise man, a better man. . . Life is long enough but too short for best friends. It's because their memories live forever and we live in them. Time is a string stretched neverendingly. Moments with friends are flowers stitched along this string making a garland called 'life', making it beautiful, gracious, colourful! Virtues prevail between true friends and vices stay afar. Devotion, love and sacrifice define friendship while hatred, jealousy and treachery contradicts it. It is a form of purity and closer to godliness.

So, do you have friends? True friends? Best friends? Do they matter to you? How much? And yes, what do you expect from them?

Love? Care? Support? Help? Gifts? Actually we expect nothing such from our best friends. Love and support are just spontaneous. We just expect them to be with us and as they are always. We expect them to be funny. We expect them to pull our legs. We expect them to steal our things and reveal later. We expect them to fight with us to laugh away after. We expect them to understand us, feel our thoughts, and at bad times say, "Everything will be better. Just chill buddy!" Everything else follow these smallest traits. A lifelong journey of friendship doesn't require the certificates of love, respect and care. Neither they are conditions of any agreement. They are never demanded for. But they flow, unknowingly, unconsciously and constantly from one friend to another. And a few tiny sparks lead them to a relation, a trust, an asset, an adventure and worthy entity called friendship. An entity called friendship, for a lifetime.

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