Friendship day, for some people it is an opportunity to connect with their crush, the one who rejected them once upon a time, just to start a conversation and to keep the hope alive. Hats off to their dedication and loyalty towards that person (these people remind me of Kattappa ;P). Some might have wished SIRI also, as she is the only girl in their lives (thanks to apple they got one!!).
It seems too clichéd to write an article on friendship day but there is something more clichéd and that is “Wishing Friendship Day”. By the time you will read this article you must have some belated texts also (In Indian context the last line is esp for girls).
One of my senior posted a status on Valentine’s Day on FB,” Just one day for your loved one”. His status is apt to human behavior. What Homo sapiens are doing is they have created certain specific days; they wish each other on those days and don’t give a shit about any of those things rest of the year. It’s like they are completing a particular task generated by software on a particular day and completing their obligation.
When I talk about friends, I remember the night outs, the fights, debates, bike rides, the things which should not be named (of course we didn’t create any Horcrux) and above all the support provided by them, like the base in any mathematical figure (yeah my articles are incomplete without a reference to maths). We plan to meet many times but those plans are never executed. If sometimes plans are executed, time plays its trick, and we have to adjourn our meeting carrying a baggage of unfinished business.
I don’t remember when we met. It doesn’t matter how frequently we communicate or doesn’t communicate at all. Most of us didn’t wish each other yesterday or didn’t dedicate a status or post on social network. Friendship doesn’t depend on friendship day or the formalities associated with it because for all of us whenever we will meet or communicate is our friendship day (Now spare me I have to send some belated texts ;P Ciao!! ).

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