"Life is like a giant bike.
It can be broken but also repaired.
Although there are times when it's broken beyond repair.
Through these times we must never give up..."

- Excerpt

Big many thanks to Writerbabu! This platform has provided me with a unique medium to express myself and a small enthusiastic peer group of friends!

Lately, after some lightweight wrestling with my thoughts, I had decided to compile all my short fictions in Writerbabu and produce them in form of a book. It contains random short stories from my real and pen name IDs, among which 'A STORY IN MY LIFE' is the most celebrated and longest of all. I would like to thank all my Writerbabu friends for admiring and criticizing my works with subtlety.

I dedicate this anthology of short stories to Writerbabu.

Thanks to Srijan.

... all the stories(except two) are fictional, may contain abstract sense and are not intended to be taken literally."

Link to the book - http://www.writerbabu.com/book/friendship-love-life-&-more.../211/

Yes, that's the latest book in Writerbabu and my first. This short and simple collection of brief stories will hopefully put some smiles on your face.

Though classy literature is not yet my trait and possession, the random stories hold particular perspectives to life. At times they would turn artistically philosophical and otherwise straightforwardly representative.

'A STORY IN MY LIFE' certainly remains my personal best effort in this collection of short stories. 'A SINISTER PLOT' is my unpublished story.

Thanks to Srijan for helping me out. Thanks to the friendly group of readers of Writerbabu.:)

Do share the book and leave your review on it when you go through...:)

Link to the book - http://www.writerbabu.com/book/friendship-love-life-&-more.../211/

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