I found her at my workplace, that girl like no other.
"The breath of fresh air", "The uninhabited island" are the phrases suited best on her.
I am compelled to write about her, imagine the extent to which i am charmed.
You'll fall in love with her, don't visit her unarmed.

Never saying a word she would not really mean, never apologetic about her say.
None can ever take her wrongly, never hurtful, never pretentious is her way.
Her company is more enriching than hundred books read.
Insecurity, envy, greed are never by her fed.

None of the usual girly vanities but she ain't a tomboy.
No one can dare stop her, she needs no wings to fly.

Music, movies, art, theater, sports and food.
Interest in every aspect of life,always playful is her mood.
She is the dream girl chased by all men but not all can recognize her, what a pity!!
She is my favorite girl in and beyond my city.

We are not best of friends, we have not been together for long.
Honesty of her soul, her personality has still touched me.
Each word she chooses to convey her sagacious thoughts is the best way it can be said to thee.

She is one of those girls who can redefine your life
How will she ever find the one ready to take plunge in her mysterious world?
The fervor

, the thrill she can add to your life can make the most colorful surroundings dull.

She ain't the kind of girl you'll meet everyday, she is to be treasured for life.
Had i been a boy, homo or bi, i would have made her my wife :)

Tags: Happiness

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