Mom, from my heart, I say this to you
you are my everything, I love you
How do I thank you for all the things you did,
for being a teacher, friend, guide since the time I was a kid
Your love is deeper than the ocean
your smile brigter than the sun
You've made my life lively and graceful
you've made my world the most beautiful
I just want to thank you for your love when I'm not lovable
my love for you sometimes becomes inexpressible
You've showered on me your love and care
your efforts are beyond compare
Your sacrifice is greater than all
you solve any problem, any odd
Mom, forgive me for my mistakes
I promise not to give any retakes
You've taught me what's right and what's wrong
Never go away, I won't survive for long
You are special, for what you are and what you do
Perfect is too small a word to describe you
Mom, you are a perfectionist
and there's no end to this list

I wrote this peom 3 years back when I had no 'interest' in writing. found it today in my closet while cleaning, thus sharing it with y'all.
For those who have seen this pic of mine, kindly do not take my name :P

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