As I reached here on the wake of a morning there wasn’t much of charm the place could bestow upon me—except for the garbage thrown around and riskshaw drivers herding around trippers I couldn’t spot a shine that could keep my pre-held views of this town alive. Having told to myself that getting accustomed to an entirely different culture wasn’t an easy task I kept moving. The luggage I carried on my shoulders was more like a condominium zipped inside a bag with everything from clothes to pickles and mom made recipes. The endurance test of catching a moving bus with luggage on ended up well (thanks to Dabur Chyavanprash). I got inside a crowded BMTC bus where I had to wrestle my way out to the rear, moving sacks of potatoes and onions smiling at me. When alighted I stepped on cow dung—something seen as a positive sign by us Malayalees.

I walked towards my room with memories of those beautiful days swirling inside me. Of all those moments, I cherish the monsoon days ride with my lady-love through the land of Moideen & Kanchana! Now we have been reduced to names that will appear on each others mobile screen :(

Will be updating more in the coming days once I am out of the Kalasipalayam nightmare!

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