Smile because you can
Live for you are a man
Dance in the rain
Don't let your efforts go in vain
Laugh your heart out
Control whenever you want to shout
Cry when you can't take it
Promise yourself, next time you'll make it
Help others, for you are a human
Treat them alike, old child or woman
Thank God for what he gave you
Be glad to be one amongst the few
Apologize when you realize you're wrong
Talk to them, or sing them a song
Never forget to care
What you have, always learn to share
Be proud of what you do
Be confident of who are you
Lie if it saves a heart break
but not to an extent that no one can take
Fuck, for you lust your spouse
Work hard to build a lavish house
Aspire to be the best of all
But don't be arrogant else you'll fall
Love because you have a heart
Fix someone and make a start

Tags: LIFE

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