Had the funniest dream ever.. i murdered someone by mistake.. and now Indian police have a great technology for finding criminals.. using satellites.. and each hour there is an update about the progress.. That these many coutries have scanned and criminal is most likely to be present in this country.. finally they found me.. there was no court case.. Direct decision was to kill me.. and for killing as well they had a super technology.. they injected some medicine inside me thru laser and it ll take me 2 days to die..

I was so liking it that i am atleast getting to know 2 days before my death.. And they dint put me into Jail.. they put me somewhere in a open jail or smething.. i guess a military scholl.. with lots of freedom.. There, I can do anything for 2 days.. Anyways i was taking a look around.. i met an army student whoo looked like Leonardo :) :).. n i clicked pics wid him.. :) :) N we became frnds.. Next day my father came to visit me n he took us someplace for lunch.. Some bakery of something.., dont remember much..
Then i was calling my close frnds to tell them m dying..

What a happy dream it was.. EVen m dying i cudnt feel any sadness.. Wish real death is like this that u get to know few days before and u cud fulfil all ur wishes..

Tags: Dream

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