As i sit here, writing these words, I wonder what would be my future. No one has ever seen their future and many don’t want to see it. People fear it might corrupt them. A glance of future alters your future altogether, they say. You will never achieve what you see. Certainty of an event, our future here, makes the occurrence of that event uncertain.Future is one such destination we all look forward to without realising that it is passing with every minute ticking.

A moment comes, a moment goes.Such is the nature of time. What we presume as future soon becomes past and the future is altered again. With the passing of every minute, every second, every moment, the future is changing. So what if I happen to know my future? I believe what other say that the future might change. But isn’t that true for everyone?

I believe that your life can take many turns. And after each turn you can start a new journey that will take you through many turns to take and more journeys to make. A glance of future that I see, if I see, is the end result of one such turn and destination of one such journey. But future is not fixed, I believe. One mere sight of future cannot limit my existence in this world. I would feel every day of the rest of my life as a burden on earth if I surrender to the absolute certainty of the future, whether I see it with my eyes or someone else’s. Accepting that your life will follow the assumptions of yours and the others’ would be a mistake.

Now I am not saying that you should not have ambitions to achieve a certain presumed life that you want to live. But nevertheless we should always be alert about our surroundings, about the options that life throws at us and the choice we make.Take every step that you can to reach your ambition without restricting yourself to the presumed envisage of your future.

Also, never be afraid to take a stride on a dark alley that might come along the way. Because it is only after going through such horrific dark alleys that you realise the importance of every decision you take in your life. They show us that we were not capable enough to make the correct decision at a particular time. And hence the dark turn that our life took was the result of our ineptitude.

Every day, I see a glimpse of my future.Everyday, I listen others trying to predict my future.
A small part of me still accepts the certainty of future. It appeals to stop and settle on a destination. It discourages me to take any blind turns. It is afraid to go in the dark alley. It desires a sense of security and consistency in life It is scared of the uncertainty of the journey I am on. But the rest of my soul is unbound. It is free like a wind. It is bright like a rising sun. It can’t be pleased with mediocrity. It cannot stop and it cannot settle.

Thus, I run with all my strength on a certain path, passing through horrible dark alleys, towards an uncertain destination.

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