As promised the new format of competition is here, and its going to stay here for long. This competition is different from any other traditional competition in two ways. Firstly, the amount of prize money, and secondly, how the winner will be decided.

Its a weekly competition and it will keep going on every week starting this week (25th Aug). Every week will have its winner and just one winner.

The competition, just like any other competition, have a prize money but the interesting part is that the prize money is not fixed. It has a lower limit of 500 Rupees but there is no upper limit. To participate in this competition you need to spend 10 credits/rupees and that amount gets added to the prize money. So if 5 people participate in this competition the prize money will be 550. And if 100 people participate the prize money is 1500.

Different people have different sentiments associated to writing. Some people write to just express themselves, others won't mind if they can put some effort and write good, and yet another set of people love challenges and competition too along with driving pleasure out of writing. Competition like this are made for the last set of people who always want be the first. The concept of entry fees of 10 is introduced here so that only serious participants can compete against each other and they stay serious till the end of each week's competition span. Its just a token amount and hence just Rupees 10.

So how do you win?

Everything you do on WriterBabu is about writing and reading. And most activities fetch you some reputation points and the sum shows up on your profile. WriterBabu calculates the score which every person earns in last 30 days and last 7 days apart from the overall reputation. The winner will be the one who have the highest last 7 day reputation gain on every Sunday 2359:59 hrs.

Understanding last 7 days Reputation

In very simple words, the last 7 days reputation on Sunday, 31st August, 23:59:59 hrs will be the sum of all reputation gains after Monday, 25th August 0000:00 Hrs.

A lot of people get confused when they see that despite doing activities sometimes their last 7 days reputation is decreasing. To explain this phenomenon, lets take an example of Mr A. Assume Mr. A is new on WriterBabu and he did lots of activities. In just 7 days his last 7 day reputation is 1400 out of which he gained 200 everyday except last day and first day. First day out of excitement and curiosity he did lots of activities and he gained 350 points. And on the last day ( or say today ) he gained just 50 points due to his busy schedule or a haunting deadline.

So the total of last 7 days is 1400. Now next day he is back again with vigor and did lots of activities by the end of the day to gain 200 points, but the next day he finds out that his last 7 day reputation is 1250 only. This is because his first day gain of 350 is no longer counted in his last 7 day reputation, that contribution is now 8 days old and hence not counted. I hope this will clear many doubts.

For more updates and information on the competition you can follow this link:

To know what is reputation score, visit this link:

Lets see who will head the Gangs of WriterBabus

Let the game begin ...

keep writing ... writing is fun ... :)

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